Sunday, 28 September 2014

Result from The Extra Medal Saturday 27th September

1st Matthew Bell 76-5c=71
2nd Mr Christopher Flannigan 71-0c=71
3rd Alan Jones 102-28c=74

Friday, 26 September 2014

Extra Medal Saturday

The draw for Saturday is now attached. I have tried to accommadate all requests for tee times hence the draw.

If you have any questions about this draw

 please contact the Competition Secretary on the usual number. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Result from Wednesday's Stableford

Wednesday Stableford (24/09/2014 CSS: 69 Par: 70)
1st Parker Crockart 44c
2nd Scott Thomson 40c
3rd Andy Ramsay 38c

Monday, 22 September 2014

Club Trophies

Would Members who have trophies at home please return them to the Clubhouse by Sunday 5th October, in order that we may prepare them for the engraver.

Result from Not the Ryder Cup

Again the Gents were the winners 4.5 to 3.5 The Ladies asked for a better handicap allowance and we agreed to play off the yellow's and give them 3 extra shots but the gents were still too good.New formula needed for next competition.
As you can see from the score only 8 men and women competed , these used to be highly supported competitions  men v women, we had to cancel the wooden spoon due to lack of numbers, the mixed invitation and the gents invitation were very poorly attended.We put these competitions up and get very poor responses, would you like to see these days cancelled, if not more effort is needed for next season everybody knows someone they can ask and there is no charge to invite a guest along.

Lady Captain Sheena Scott presents the prize to the gents

and a not so happy bunch of runners up

Result from The Autumn Meeting

1st Eric Ritchie 83-15c=68
2nd Mr Christopher Flannigan 69-1c=68
3rd Fred Barber 90-19c=71

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Autumn Meeting Draw

Please find attached the draw for this weekends competition. Please note the slightly later start for the afternoon starts,this is due to the ladies requiring an extra time for there competition. Any questions please contact the match secretary

Draw for Not The Ryder Cup Sunday 21st September

This will be played as singles match play Ladies add 1 stroke and take full handicap difference if any.
Please use the Ladies stroke index

12.00  Val Tait   v  Graham Haynes
12.07  Jackie Moran  v Jack Scott  &  Ann Cameron  v Sandy McGibbon
12.15  Christine Bruce  v  Eric Gray  &  Sally Fenner  v  Brian Duncan
12.22  Sheena Scott  v Ian Cameron  &  Kay Finlay   v  Frank Moran

Results from Wednesdays Stableford

1st Sandy McGibbon 42c
2nd Scott Thomson 41c
3rd Kevin James 39c

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Notice of AGM.
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Gents Section of Strathmore Golf Club will held on

Friday 17th October 2014 at 7pm.

Any motions for consideration by the AGM must be lodged at the Centre Office 
marked for the attention of the undersigned 
properly signed by the Proposer and Seconder not later than

Friday 3rd October 2014.

Nominations for Committee Members should be appended to the sheets on the notice boards proposed and seconded before the date of the AGM.

A large turnout of members is requested.

Eric G Gray

Gents Secretary

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Results from the Gents Invitation

With a very poor turn out only 13 teams played but had an enjoyable warm days golf

1st Billy McGregor & J Nicol               Nett 63
2nd Sandy McGibbon & I Davidson    Nett 68 BIH
3rd Eric Ritchie & A Reddon               Nett 68

Guest nearest the pin 4th Joe Riley
Member longest drive 7th Gary McLuskey
Nearest the pin in 2 11th Brian Duncan
Member nearest the pin 13th Frank Moran
Guest longest drive 14th Greg Crole
Nearest the pin in 3 18th Greg Crole

We really need more members to make the effort to support these types of competitions.
There is no cost to the guest or the member and if you don't want to stay for a meal that would be alright

 Sorry about the photo not used to JD'S after the golf

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Gents Invitation Day Draw

Please note that the invitation day is now a one tee start from 10am due to lack of numbers. If you have any questions please contact Chris Flannigan

10.00 - Graham Haynes + Partner
10.07 - Billy Sievwright + Partner / Mike Shepard + Partner
10.15 - W.McGregor + Partner / B.Duncan + Partner
10.22 - A.Low + Partner / E.Ritchie + Partner
10.30 - G.Mcluskey + Partner / S.McGibbon + Partner
10.37 - K.McLeod + Partner / P.Crockart + Partner
10.45 - F.Moran + Partner / T.Wallace + Partner

Result from Wednesday's Sweep

 Wednesday Sweep (10/09/2014 CSS: 70 Par: 72)
1st Iain Butchart 74-6c=68
2nd Sandy McGibbon 83-13c=70
3rd Scott Thomson 73-3c=70

Sunday, 7 September 2014

September Medal Results

Division 1 Result
1st Norman Dyce 66-1c=65
2nd Mr Christopher Flannigan 70-1c=69
3rd Mr Stewart Flannigan 75-5c=70

Division 2 Result
1st Michael Shepherd 83-15c=68
2nd Mr Billy Sievewright 78-10c=68
3rd David Alexander 84-15c=69

Division 3 Result
1st D Mcdonald 94-24c=70
2nd Neil Rae 99-28c=71
3rd Keith Ewan 99-19c=80

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Gents Invitation Day

Just a wee reminder that it is the Club Gents Invitation Day on Saturday 13th September, with tee off times starting at 10am (2 tee start if numbers allow). The competition is open to all gentleman CLUB Members who have a current CONGU Handicap. Off Peak Members are invited to play at a cost of only £16. GUESTS GO FREE for everyone!
A nice 2 Course Dinner Menu is available after Golf at only £11.75pp.
To enter, please put your name on the entry sheet which is in the competition folder at the clubhouse (or call the centre and they will do it for you  – 01828 633322

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Draw For Saturday

Please see attached draw for Saturday. My thanks to the eagle eyed club member who spotted this weeks deliberate mistake.

The Competition Secretary is going on holiday, thank god I hear you say. Chris Flannigan will be doing the needful for the next three weeks.

All monies due for the last two medals will be available on Saturday. The Competition Secretary would like to apologise for the delay.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Result from the Mixed Invitational

We had really good weather for this years event with 16 couples taking part. if you would like to participate next year and don't have a partner get in touch and we will try and get a partner for you, its a really good social day…..with prizes.

Ladies hole prizes
nearest the pin @ 6th Janet Griffiths
nearest the pin in 2 @ 10th Jan Ritchie
nearest the pin @13th Ray Brass
longest drive @ 14th Sheena Scott

Gents hole prizes
nearest the pin @ 4th Jack Scott
Longest drive @ 7th Des McGreal
nearest the pin in 2 @ 11th Eric Ritchie
nearest the pin in 3 @ 18th Des McGreal

Winners were
1st  Sandra Barber & David Anderson  42 points bih
2nd Jack Scot & Marlyn Anderson       42 points
3rd Jackie Moran & Des McGreal        41 points last 6
4th Frank Moran & Jan Ritchie             41 points

Friday, 29 August 2014

Extra Medal Draw

The draw for Saturday is attached. If you have any queries about the draw please contact the Competition Secretary on the usual number but he is out of the house this evening. Apparently he has a life.

Tee Times For The Mixed Invitational Sunday 31st August

12.00    Jack Scott / Marlyn Anderson  & Sandra Barber / David Anderson
12.07    Cathy McNab / Sandy Fleming & Fred Barber / Ann Dawson
12.15    Kay Finlay / Andy Patterson  &  Rhoda Fraser /Fred Kidd
12.22    Jackie Moran / Des McGreal  & Christine Bruce / Roger Black
12.30    Janet & Trevor Griffiths  &  Margaret Anderson / D Marshall
12.37    Frank Moran / Jan Ritchie   & Eric Ritchie / R Brass
12.45    Sheena Scott / Greg Edwards  &  Joan & Eric Merry
12.52    Mary McDiarmid / A Bruce  &  Margaret Young / Partner

Monday, 25 August 2014

Draw for Saturday

Please note that the draw for the Extra Medal on Saturday WILL NOT be in handicap order. This has been agreed with the Vice Captain. If you have any questions about the post please contact the Competition Secretary on the usual number.