Sunday, 27 July 2014

Result from the Presidents Cup

On what must have been the hottest Saturday this season sixty odd "summery" dressed golfers teed it up for a shotgun start.
Lots of scores of 36 points and above but top score of 40 points went to 
Sandra Barber Ladies Vice Captain making it a double for the Barber's as our Gents Vice Captain won it a few years ago.
Thanks also to the centre for providing iced water on the 18th green, maybe the next time a plunge pool might be more apt as numerous player were exhausted by the finish.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Results from the I & D Insurance Services Shield

Mary West and Ali Low with 40 stableford points. 
2nd place was Sally Fenner and Sandy McGibbon 
3rd place Dawn & Iain Butchart with 38 points.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Saturday 26 July 2014

F Barber
E Ritchie
S Scott
K Finlay


D J Alexander

S Flannigan

D Gillespie

B Williamson



F Moran

L Haynes

A Cameron


D Alexander

I Boyle

M Bell

S Irvine


J Scott

S McGibbon

D Butchart

M West


J Kennedy

A Beedie

G Colville

S Tosh


J Moran

D Tinker

I Butchart

A Butchart


M Tinker

B Sievwright

C Davidson

R Michie


B McGowan

R Storrie

J Wood

M Shepherd


G Haynes

M Melville

S Barber

C McNab


P Johnstone

D Warrender

A Jones

S Morrison



C Brand

A Hughes

S Fenner

I Hughes


M Tunstall

A Morrison

S Thomas

D Findlay


B Duncan

I Cameron

V Tait

R Fraser


D Norman

N Hill

D McMurray

M Allen


B Jackson

A Ross

J Ireland

D Robertson


M Scott

S Thomson

C Flannigan

G McLuskey

Thursday, 17 July 2014

July Medal Draw

Please see attached draw for Saturday. If you have any questions about the draw please contact the Competitions Secretary on the usual number.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Championship Presentation Photos

                                            RORY TINKER
                                                   ALEX SIMPSON
                                           MATHEW BELL
                                                 KEITH EWAN

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Results from The Club Championship Saturday

On an overcast but muggy Saturday our finalists made their way out to reach the top in each of their categories

Club Scratch Champion   Rory Tinker runner up Alex Simpson
well played Rory commiserations to Alex but at 14 he will have many more years to achieve his goal

Tankard Handicap Champion Mathew Bell runner up Keith Ewan
A well fought encounter but Mathew prevailed

Junior Handicap Champion Amy Mitchell runner up Callum Ewan
Congratulations to Amy who at 12 played very well to defeat our Junior Club Captain

Dawn and Rory Club Champions

                                       Our Winners and Runners up

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Results For the June Medal

The results for the above are as follows:

1st  Garry Colville
2nd  D Robertson
3rd Sandy McGibbon

There were 10 2's recorded and are follows:

Mark Scott, Jack Scott, Mathew Bell, Stewart Flannigan, Mike Bell, Garry Colville, Mike Shepherd, Pkil Johnstone, D Robertson & Jim Ireland.

All monies are ready for collection.

Division Winners are:

Div. One    Stewart Flannigan
Div. Two    Garry Colville
Div. Three   D Robertson

Friday, 4 July 2014

Saturday's Draw

Please see attached draw for Saturday. If you have any questions please contact the Competition Secretary on the usual number.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Result From The J Scott Trophy

Once again the rain gods had a day off with good gowfing weather and some good scoring

1st    Sheena & Jack Scott              40 points acb last 3 holes
2nd  Lesley & Graham Haynes       40 points acb better back 9
3rd  Amy Mitchell & Keith Ewan      40 points

Ladies nearest the pin and also nearest the pin in 2 Lesley Haynes
Ladies longest drive Amy Mitchell
Gents nearest the pin Sandy McGibbon
Gents longest drive Fred Barber
Gents nearest the pin in 3 Jack Scott

Thursday, 26 June 2014


June Medal Draw

The June Medal draw is attached. If anyone has any questions please contact the Competition Secretary on the usual number. As the Competition Secretary has had no with drawls from the either the Club Championship or Tankard the names listed previously. The draw will be posted in the clubhouse on Saturday

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Club Championship & Tankard Knock Out Qualifiers

The players listed below have qualified for the above competitions. They are in order of qualifying and the draw will be posted in the clubhouse on Saturday. Please advise the Competition Secretary by Friday at 6.00pm if you cannot play as he will have to adjust the draw. If any one has any questions about this post please contact the Competition Secretary. 

Club Championship 

Rory Tinker
Michael Brodie
Alex Simpson
Chris Flannigan 
Scott Thomson
Mark Scott
Stewart Flannigan 
Mark Tinker 


Mike Bell 
Keith Ewan
Billy Sievewright
Arthur Beedie
Ray Michie
Rob Storrie
Frank Moran
Charlie Davidson
Gary McLuskey
Kevin James
Ian Boyle
Matthew Bell 
Brian McGowan 
Allan Hughes
Fred Barber
James Kennedy

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Club Championship and Tankard Qualifiers

Below are the top 8 names for the club championship and the top 16 names for the tankard.

Please note that the names are NOT in the order of qualifying,this will be finalised by the competition secretary later this week. If any of the below names are NOT able to play in the knock - outs please contact the competition secretary ASAP.

Club Championship

Rory Tinker
Michael Brodie
Alex Simpson
Chris Flannigan
Scott Thomson
Mark Scott
Stewart Flannigan
Mark Tinker


Billy Sievwright
Keith Ewan
Charlie Davidson
Robert Storrie
Arthur Beedie
Ray Michie
Frank Moran
James Kennedy
Gary McLuskey
Mike Bell
Kevin James
Ian Boyle
Mathew Bell
Brian McGowan
Allan Hughes
Fred Barber


The results for the competitions named below are as follows:

Wednesday Sweep

1st Greig Preston
2nd Chris Flannigan
3rd Iain Butchart

2s were recorded by Scott Thomson, Sandy McGibbon & Mike Bell

Saturday Stableford

1st Kevin James
2nd Chris  Flannigan
3rd Brian Mcgowan

2 s were recorded by Sandy McGibbon & Chris Flannigan

All monies for the above competition are ready for collection

Club Championship 2nd Round

1st Alex Simpson
2nd Billy Sievewright
3rd Keith Ewan
4th Charlie Davidson

2's were recorded by Sandy McGibbon (again) Alex Simpson, Mark Scott, Stewart Flannigan & Allan Hughes

Monies for this competition will be ready for collection on Tuesday.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Draw for the Club Championship Round 2

Please see attached draw for Sunday. If you have any questions about this draw the Competition Secretary will be available on the usual number until 5.15pm on Friday

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Result From The Kinpurnie Cup

Sixteen couples competed on a dry Sunday playing on a soaking course with some good scoring

1st  Jackie & Frank Moran                   39 points
2nd Christine Bruce & Mark Melville    37 points
3rd  Dawn & Iain Butchart                    36 points


The Club Championship Round One results are as follows:

1st Gary McLuskey
2nd Alex Simpson
3rd Michael Bell

2's were recorded by the following:

Gary McLuskey, Brian McGowan, Jack Scott, Arthur Beedie, Matthew Bell, Eric Richie, & Grig Preston.

All monies are ready for collection. If you have any questions about this blog please contact the Competition Secretary on the usual number.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Club Championship Qual Round One

Hi. Please see attached draw for the Club Championship Round One.

If you have any queries about the draw please contact the Competition Secretary on his mobile only on 07952 297044 as he is on the sauce tonight in preparation for tomorrow.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Draw for The Kilpirnie Cup Sunday 15th June 2014


                                               12.07 MARY WEST & ALLY LOW,                 AMY MITCHELL & KEITH EWAN
                                               12.15 SHEENA & JACK SCOTT                     SALLY FENNER & CHRIS BRAND
                                               12.22 LESLEY & GRAHAM HAYNES,             CHRISTINE BRUCE & MARK MELVILLE
                                               12.30 CATHY McNAB & ERIC McGIBBON     FRANK MORAN
                                               12.37 RHODA FRASER & ERIC GRAY            JANET GRIFFITHS & MARK SCOTT
                                               12.45 DAWN & IAIN BUTCHART                 JACKIE MORAN
                                               12.52 SANDRA & FRED BARBER                   DAWN & MARK TINKER