Thursday, 3 September 2015

Summer League Card 7 02/09/2015

CSS: 74 Par: 72

1st Brian Duncan 80-10c=70
2nd Scott Thomson 77-4c=73
3rd Christopher Flannigan 75-1c=74

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Result from the Mixed Invitational Sunday 30/8/15

A great turnout with 22 couples playing on a bright and breezy day some really good scoring with 3 couples tying for second place.

1st   Sheena Scott & Greig Edwards           47 points
2nd  Lesley Haynes & D Scott                     43 points acb
3rd  Sandra Barber & D Anderson              43 points acb

Ladies nearest the pin 6th                Margaret Fleming
Ladies nearest the pin in 2 10th        Lesley Haynes
Ladies nearest the pin 13th              Dawn Butchart
Ladies longest drive 14th                  Margaret Young

Gents nearest the pin 4th                  Phil Upperton
Gents longest drive  7th                    Des McGreal
Gents nearest the pin in 2  11th         Gordon MacBean

Gents nearest the pin in 3  18th        Stephen Mackenzie

Result from the George Black Memorial Trophy 29/08/2015

CSS: 72 Par: 72

1st Tod Bannerman 76-9c=67
2nd Jim Henvey 96-28c=68
3rd Jack Scott 77-8c=69

Thursday, 27 August 2015

George Black Memorial

Please find below the draw for this weekends competition. Any issues please contact the competition secretary.

Draw for the Mixed Invitational Sunday 30/8/15

12.00  Fred Barber & A Dawson            Mark Melville & M Anderson
12.07  Sandra Barber & D Anderson     Graham Haynes & Lynne Cowan
12.15  Cathie McNab & Sandy Fleming  Andy Ross & Margaret Fleming
12.22  Phil Upperton & Lynda Irons  Stephen Irons & Connie Mackenzie
12.30  Jack Scott & P Drysdale            Sheena Scott & G Edwards
12.37  Joan Merry & L Merry               Sally Fenner & Eric Merry
12.45  Rhoda Fraser & F Kydd              Jane & Bob Douglas
12.52  Heather & D Dawson             Margaret Young & Gordon MacBean
13.00  Keith & Val Ewan                        Sheila Bailey & G Davidson
13.07  Jackie Moran & Des McGreal     Frank Moran & Jan Richie

13.15   Lesley Haynes & D Scott           Dawn & Iain Butchart

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wednesday Stableford 26/08/2015

CSS: 72 Par: 72

1st Christopher Flannigan 38pts
2nd Iain Butchart 35pts
3rd Michael Bell 34pts

Monday, 24 August 2015


On a sunny but blustery day the annual match of the ladies versus the gents took place. 10 couples battled to win but unfortunately for the ladies the gents were just too good and won by 3.5 to 1.5. This resulted in the ladies retaining the wooden spoon.
Well done the gents.

Sheena Scott Receiving the Wooden Spoon from Fred Barber

Sunday, 23 August 2015

August Monthly Medal 22/08/2015

CSS: 71 Par: 72

Division 1 Result
1st Christopher Flannigan 71-1c=70
2nd Mark Scott 74-3c=71
3rd Jack Scott 79-8c=71

Division 2 Result
1st Craig Fairbairn 80-12c=68
2nd Michael Shepherd 85-15c=70
3rd Billy Sievewright 81-10c=71

Division 3 Result
1st Liam Burke 86-19c=67
2nd Jim Henvey 100-28c=72
3rd Jim Ireland 96-20c=76

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Summer League Card 6 19/08/2015

CSS: 73 Par: 72

1st Norman Dyce 72-2c=70
2nd James Kennedy 93-20c=73
3rd Scott Thomson 76-3c=73

August Monthly Medal Draw

Please find attached the draw for this weekends competition. Any questions please contact the competition secretary

Draw for The Wooden Spoon

12.00  Kay Finlay & S Deans                v  Jack Scott & Fred Barbour
12.07  Sheena Scott & Sall Fenner        v  Mark Melville & Mark Tunstall
12.15  Lesley Haynes & Rhoda Fraser  v  Graham Haynes & Billy Seivewright
12.22  Diane McLuskey & Val Tait       v  Mike Shephard & R MacGregor
12.30  Sheila Bailey & Christine Bruce v  Sandy McGibbon & Gary McLuskey

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Eight teams of three took part on a beautiful day. 

The winners were Brian Duncan, Val Tait and Tom Ogg

The runners up were Fred & Sandra Barber and Mark Melville

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Strathmore Golf Club vs Drumoig Golf Club (Away)

The annual match versus Drumoig Golf Club will take place on Sunday 13th September 2015, tee off at 12:30.

The format for the match is a twelve man team, fourball betterball.

A meal will follow the golf in the clubhouse.

If you would like to be considered to play in this match, a sheet has been placed in the gents locker room to append your name or please contact the match secretary on 07716 884386

The cost for the day will be £8.50

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Competition Change

The cancelled George Black Memorial Trophy will now be played for on the 29th August replacing Catlaw Extra Medal Number 9. Any questions about this please contact the Vice Captain.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Local Charity Medal 15/08/2015

CSS: 71 Par: 72

1st Stewart Flannigan 75-7c=68
2nd Craig Fairbairn 81-12c=69
3rd Kevin James 76-6c=70

Friday, 14 August 2015

Wednesday Bogey 12/08/2015

CSS: 70 Par: 72

1st Ian Cameron +3
2nd David Robertson +2
3rd Gordon Grewar +2

Endurance Trophy 08/08/2015

CSS: 72 Par: 72

1st Ross MacGregor 87-16c=71
2nd Sandy McGibbon 83-12c=71
3rd Stewart Flannigan 79-7c=72

CSS: 73 Par: 72

1st Scott Robertson 72-1c=71
2nd Stephen Irvine 86-14c=72
3rd Billy Sievewright 84-10c=74

Endurance Trophy  Totals
1st Scott Robertson 74+71=145
2nd Stephen Irvine 74+72=146
3rd Ross MacGregor 71+77=148

Catlaw Trophy Extra Medal 8 09/08/2015

CSS: 72 Par: 72

1st Craig Fairbairn 82-13c=69
2nd Liam Burke 98-19c=79
3rd Iain Butchart 87-6c=81


Can any member who has a trophy in their possession can you  please return it to the club by this weekend so we can arrange to have them engraved. Any questions about this post please contact the Vice Captain

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Summer Tri Am Draw

The draw for Sunday is as follows:

12.00 Sandra Barber, Fred Barber, Mark Melville 

12.07 R Fraser , Gary McLuskey, Diane McLuskey

12.15 Ann Cameron, Ian Cameron, Shona Deans

12.22 Sheila Bailey, Keith Ewan, Christine Bruce

12.30 Brian Duncan, Val Tait, Tom Ogg

12.37 Kay Findlay, Sally Fenner, Sandy McGibbon

12.45 Chris Brand, Ally Low, M West

12.52 Mark Tinker, Kevin James, Dawn Tinker 

Any questions about this draw please contact the Vice Captain.